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I love 2010 already January 9, 2010

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Well this has been a wonderful 4 day weekend. We had two consecutive snowdays! (Thurs and Fri). It’s still snowing on Saturday too, but I doubt we’ll get lucky enough to get out on Monday. If we really are, then….Wow.
Just wow.

So yeah, I kinda live in a place that doesn’t usually get a lot of snow. That’s why everyone was so excited to see a snow warning (and on the first week of the second semester too…). I have to admit though, when I first saw it early in the week, I had no expectations. Even on Wednesday, I was a bit skeptic.

Then on Wednesday night, we got the call.
We didn’t even have to wait for the snow lmao…

But the next morning, I looked out the window and it was like…whoa.
o//A//o Yeah I was pretty happy…
The only drawback was that it was freaking cold.

I didn’t really do anything productive over the snow days either, except for a…rather…strange personal art project. You can just go to my dA for that; I’m not gonna bother putting it here OTL;;
I also worked on a school project (over a snow day?…I guess there was nothing else to do) with my friend. It was pretty entertaining since we had to build our own school.

The construction isn’t going all too well, but we’re still pretty proud of it. At least we’re doing something while our other partners aren’t doing anything at all. God, that’s why I hate group projects.

Anyway, I have a late New Years party today and some other homework to do, so it seems that the weekend will be pretty busy after all.

But thank god for these miracle snow days!


Ah, another half to go January 2, 2010

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Ah, been pretty busy this year, so I haven’t got a chance to update since the beginning of school.
Well that and procrastination mostly.

Anyway, happy New Years to anyone who happens to stumble onto this blog!

Artwise, I freaking love my tablet. I think I improved a lot coloring-wise, but I still need to work on the actual drawing process.
From the beginning of 2009:

to 2010:

Yeah, having a tablet is definitely a lot more helpful than just a mouse ;A;
Or perhaps that’s just my control? I know that a lot of people can still draw better than me with a mouse, so yeah

Oh well, I hope I can improve this year too! =w=
See you at the end of the school year if not sooner!

Ah it’s that time again August 12, 2009

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Today is officially the last day of summer for me :l But I guess I have no big regrets. I got a tablet, improved my art skills maybe, chatted with friends on iscribble every night…yeah

As you can tell, I haven’t really been productive :l I was hoping to get a few more animation sequences done, but that didn’t work out very well. OTL I’ll just work on it during spare time then. Not too sure how it’ll actually turn out. It’s been forever since I’ve started the Higurashi project, and my style’s been changing a lot. Perhaps I should redraw some of the still images.

Oh, while we’re on the subject of art,
My latest piece. I tried working a bit with a different pose and perspective. It really did look a lot better in my head, but I still like how it turned out overall.

Besides all the art stuff, I really haven’t been doing much. Because I don’t have a recharger for my DS, I haven’t been progressing much in Pokemon FR OTL;;

Ummm…I don’t think I have anything else to say. It’s just been a fun summer is all. See you again next time!

P.S. I should really stop being so lazy and update more OTL When will I ever change?

So anyway July 22, 2009

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That’s my internet icon OC C: I just liked that design so I kept it.

Not much has been going on again :/ I feel like I’m running out of inspiration, so I haven’t been drawing too much…just sketches and quickdraws. I also started using SAI again. I forgot what everything does, so it’s pretty hard to use right now. One thing that I really like about it is that the lines are really crisp C:

I drew that this morning with Sai. I keep messing up at the coloring part because for some reason, it just doesn’t go the way I want it to go :/

Anyway besides that…um…I got a new violin this week. Maybe I should practice more and get better. I don’t know, my true heart is in the visual arts though OTL

Anyway, I really don’t have much to say again. Until next time C:

Edit: Hey um, my parents just bought a new car. I guess that’s something l:
-sob- all that money….
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AN UPDATE lol July 11, 2009

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Ah, haven’t posted in a while again! I’ve been so busy lately. You know, I thought having a tablet would lessen my artistic load…but it doesn’t really help it if I keep overloading myself with all these arts.
I have about 5 character fanarts I want to draw for Pandora Hearts, and I’ve just finished Break’s picture:

I’ve also been working on pages for a few comics. One solo project, and then two collab projects. (I think links are in the sidebar)

To top it all off, I’ve been working with animations when I’m not busy with anything else. It’s such a pain, but the results are so fun to watch! You know, like a drug! DUN DUN DUN!! D:

Summer is starting to end now, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do about all these unfinished projects =w=;

ARGH YESSSS June 12, 2009

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Ahh, I finally got a tablet 🙂 now maybe I can draw better.

And I keep forgetting to update again :’D Sorry about that. Actually, a lot of things have been happening lately.

A week ago, I was in tennis camp. I’m planning on joining the tennis team at school this year, so we spent $300 for 5 days of training. Um, it was pretty expensive, but I learned a lot I think. I can finally play a game at least (and I sometimes win :’D)
However, it was super tiring, and my body hurts every single day. …but over all it was pretty fun lol.

This week, I just rested at home pretty much. My mom had surgery yesterday so I stayed at my friend’s house and played guitar hero all night XD We didn’t sleep until…1 AM
But yeah, woke up with a headache this morning hehehe…

Anyway, back to today, my tablet finally arrived :’) After these 3 years of waiting, I’ve finally got one! It’s a Bamboo fun medium and works so perfectly ❤ I'm still not really used to it just yet, so I'll probably be practicing a lot. Maybe I'll finally be a better artist soon.

Well, hopefully I'll remember to update sooner this time. See you until then.

Summer is here! May 22, 2009

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Ah, how I waited for this day! The first day of summer is finally here :3
Yesterday was also a half day, and some of my friends came over for a party.
It didn’t end well….but it was still fun overall :’D I’ll miss everyone!

Also, I’m taking a few AP classes next year, so I’ll still have homework…a ton of homework….;w; how cruel…
But besides that, I’M FREE!!!
Totally can’t wait to draw again! My skills are getting kinda rusty now lol >w< It's been forever since I've worked on a personal project srsly D: I'll need to catch up now. Hmm…I think I'll just draw after I finish this update XD

Oh, and I'll also be waiting for my report card….DO NOT WANT!
I thought I did well on my exams, but I'm never sure D: Argh, it makes me worried!
-prays for the best-

So then, that's all of my ranting for now XD; See you guys soon I hope!

Violin Recital May 9, 2009

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I am so happy that my violin recital is finally!

-sigh- I’ve been working on a piece for a while now, but I’m always messing up when I get nervous. Well this time, it’s in front of a lot of people…so I got really nervous.
God, I tried to stay calm and focus on my music, but it was like….impossible to do! For some reason, I kept thinking random thoughts while I was playing, like the lunch menu at school or something.

Fortunately, I only made one really small mistake throughout the whole piece. My piece was also pretty fast, so at least I was finished faster. =w=;; Still, I do not want to do that again (but I will have to at next year’s recital TwT).

Well, um about the other pieces from the recital:
The first few were kinda….bad…but it was because little kids and beginners were playing them, so I guess they have an excuse. Though, from the sound of things, I think there were about 3 transitions.

The first part had the beginners, so the music was dry and awkward.
Then the second, was a bit better, though still had mistakes (I was in this one I think)
The person after me was also part of the second group I think, but after him, everyone played really well and had amazing pieces.

I’m kinda ashamed because a few of the kids that played really well were actually younger than me =^=;; I guess they must practice a lot or something.

Um, surely there aren’t too many people that are interested in my music life, so I’ll stop talking about it now XD;

Life’s still been busy over the last couple of weeks, and final exams are starting this week.
The good news is, two more weeks until summer break! I really can’t wait for it. My friend and I are throwing a party on the last day of school too, though we’re not sure who’s actually coming yet.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Hen April 25, 2009

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After two days of downloading and 2 hours of watching, I’ve finally finished watching TTGL: Gurren-hen ;w; It was so epic.

Instead of the never-gonna-happen Garlock in space scene, we’re introduced to the movie with the majority of the 8th parallel works and some narration.

The first half was pretty much eps 1-8 smushed together. Some of the editing kinda felt awkward and didn’t flow too well, but it was still good. Some new scenes were added and the introductions of some characters (Kittan, Rossiu, etc) were rushed through.
Then Kamina died.
I still cried.

After that scene, new stuff started coming in. I have to say that it was …incredible. The art and animation and all…And the Adiane vs. Yoko fight was pretty cool too (fanservice for the boys out there). It was also amusing how their final boss was taken out in like a minute…but that is the power of Simon and his spiral power.
The final two scenes were still probably my favorite since it remade my favorite of part one (excluding Simon vs. Genome because that part isn’t in the movie).
If you don’t mind spoilers:

Ah, now I just can’t wait for the second movie to come out. Based on the reactions from 2chan, it’s suppose to be even better than the first!

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Anime moment April 14, 2009

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-no header this time, in a rush-

Two posts in one day!
This one is about the new anime that I’ve started. As some of you may know, the spring season of anime has finally started, and many of the new anime are looking great and hold incredible potential. I for one, have been waiting for quite a few to come out.

In order:
Pandora Hearts
Eden of the East
Full Metal Alchemist

And those are the ones that I’ve just began. A lot of the other anime are looking pretty good too, so I might start some new ones soon.

Well the first that was on my waiting list was Saki. It’s a slice of life show about mahjong. Honestly, I didn’t expect this to be a great anime (and my thoughts are still the same after I saw it), but the concept was interesting to me. It’s about this great mahjong player named Saki, who dislikes playing it. Despite that, the mahjong club wants her to join (and she probably will just for the sake of the plot). I have seen nothing but the first episode right now. The second ep is on my computer, but something’s wrong with the player, so I’ll watch it later.

Overall, I think I’ll watch this one just to kill time. Another show similar in genre with this, is K-on I think. The animation is great (imo), but I’m just not too interested in the concept. I just might watch K-on in my spare time too.
Now the only one that I’ve read the manga for also for the anime listed above is Pandora Hearts. I’ve read the chapters that were out on onemanga’s site, and I was really excited when I heard an anime about it will be produced. I guess I liked the story back then or something (I don’t really remember much about it at all).

First thing’s first, I love the OP of this anime.

Haven’t really payed much attention to the ED yet, since I close it right after the episode ends.

Unfortunately, the first episode didn’t deliver as much as I was expecting. Some scenes were pretty decent, but some were kinda…disappointing. But, overall the first episode was decent enough to make me want to watch the second episode. Thankfully I did, because it got quite interesting. (The fight scene was pretty cool too). I can’t say much about it unless I go back and read the manga again….but overall, a boy finds this watch and then stuff happens. Yup. …um, it doesn’t sound exciting when I say it… ^^; moving on.
Gonzo’s history with anime has been kinda rough. I loved Chrno Crusade very much, even though the ending of the manga was by far superior. RomeoxJuliet was also decent, but it could have been a lot better. However, I’ve heard that they’ve also produced many shows that ended up disappointing the majority of the watchers. Still, the anime looked interesting, so I gave it a try.

The first part of the first episode just showed scenes of the main character getting out of jail, and some other characters that might become an obstacle. One of the main things about this anime that I was uncomfortable with were the voices. I don’t know if it was done on purpose, but it took a long time for me to get used to. For example, there was a woman that sounded like a man…seriously.

The second part got more interesting as the military arrived and a fight started. Too bad it was kinda short though, and I haven’t seen the second episode yet…so I can’t say much more. Oh, the OP is pretty nice too.

Now for the big one:
Eden of the East AKA Higashi no Eden

When I first saw this on the spring season list, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. There was a synopsis, but that wasn’t really enough. Even the seiyuus for this show were completely new to me. However, once I saw the trailer, my expectations flew extremely high for a show I didn’t know much about. Now usually, a show with high expectations and hype would kinda fail to deliver everything that is expected in the first episode. At least, from my experience anyway. It even happened with the first 3 shows that I was expecting -.-

Fortunately, Eden wasn’t like an ordinary anime. It gave me everything I expected and so much more. The music was good, the art was better than I expected, and the concept is interesting too.

Speaking of the music, both the OP and ED caught my attention this time.
The OP is by Oasis

The English is actually quite understandable, and the visuals are….wow…. -must learn new vocabulary to describe it-
The ED isn’t as good as the OP imo, but the visuals are really cool.

Sure the paper work isn’t as colorful and stuff as GSZS, but it’s still a really unique ED. I wish more shows had OPs and EDs like Eden.

Now for the actual story, a girl from Japan visits America and meets this guy (fully nude at first). The guy apparently had his memory wiped but has a really cool phone (I want it), and his home looks like a terrorist’s. Then, the episode ends with a broadcast of a disaster in Japan which the two characters see at the airport or something. …um, I guess I can’t really describe everything, but I swear it was really interesting =w=;;

Also, a bonus is that the Americans actually sound American. No Engrish or weird accents. Actual English…I couldn’t believe my ears at first!
Ok last one I promise!
Fullmetal Alchemist.

You should know by now that there’s a second season of it (it started already too). I can’t say much, because I haven’t actually started the first season when I heard of this. Thus, I have not begun this series.
Over spring break, I did start the first season though. God…I totally regret not starting it sooner.
I’ve also started the manga too, which is probably the one I’ll finish first, because the anime is quite different already and I’m only on episode 13.

So that’s my word on the anime this season. From the ones I’m watching, I can tell (or hope to expect) that this season will be incredible! I might post some pictures that go along with this later, but right now, I seriously need to go finish my homework ^^;